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Hello Emily, Igor left about 30 minutes ago and fixed the garage door.  It was a bad bushing.  Now it’s quiet once again!  Thank you for your prompt response.  I’ve really noticed how much more responsive CGA is since you startling handling things for us.  Thank you.  I also like Igor from All Pro Overhead very much.  Very nice and very competent.  Thanks again, Rich

Rich C.

My family has had several properties managed by CGA over the past 4 years. I am very happy that we chose CGA. We have been through all types of issues from minor repairs to roof replacements…. Caring, easy tenants to picky and technically challenged paranoid tenants. Through it all, Misty has been excellent keeping track of every penny. Sara, very patient with dramas of turnover periods. Angie, the inspector in chief … God forbid she finds something out of place during a walk through ( I mean that in a good way) . She misses nothing. Lindsey in maintenance is very cool & can solve any problem. Lindsey is fair and works very hard to get the job done fast and at the lowest cost, she is CGA’s 911. ASIA in leasing dept. is efficient and very polite. She is flexible, on top of things, pays attention to detail, and returns calls / emails instantly.

Chris & Lisa the top bosses are very hands on, do not hesitate to get involved and interfere at any level to help and resolve issues. In fact I remember an occasion that I was on hold to talk to one of the staff when Chris came on the line and attended to my questions.

The entire team is well trained and operates in co ordination.