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I’m very happy having you guys manage my property. I’ve had nothing but good experiences w your whole office & just wanted to tell you I appreciate your hard work. Thanks!

Steve M.

Thank you for the update. I would like to specially commend you and everyone at CGA for being so efficient and professional for coordinating for the unit to be rented in a timely manner (late on my part as I was tied up with work.) CGA has always lived up to being No. 1 Sacramento. You are the best.


Rob and I both want to thank you for the great service we received while we rented from CGA. Everyone has been professional and kind. Maintenance repairs were handled quickly and done right. Thanks again!

Rob & Helen

We cannot praise CGA and their staff enough. They are responsive, professional, knowledgeable and patient. To name a few of the excellent staff members that we had contact with are Lindsey, Sara, Alie, Christina and Misty. We are very lucky to have CGA manage our four properties!

Kim M.

Thank you so much for your excellent work!

May W.

I would say that your service is exceptional …beyond our expectations.
Many thanks to you and your staff!!

Young L

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff of CGA Properties. The business and staff have been very professional and I would recommend CGA Properties to anyone whether it be to lease or to manage their properties.

R. James

Hi Chris,
Just want to let you know that we are very happy with your service. Your employees are very prompt and professional! I will definitely refer your service to friends; which I already did. Looks like I will have to call you again in the future.

K & T

Hello Emily, Igor left about 30 minutes ago and fixed the garage door.  It was a bad bushing.  Now it’s quiet once again!  Thank you for your prompt response.  I’ve really noticed how much more responsive CGA is since you startling handling things for us.  Thank you.  I also like Igor from All Pro Overhead very much.  Very nice and very competent.  Thanks again, Rich

Rich C.

I appreciate CGA’s good services. Wish your company the best of luck in the new year and you and your family a blessed 2014.