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How can I confirm my application was received?

After you complete your online application you will be contacted via phone or email to let you know if your application is going to be processed or if your application is a backup. This contact usually takes place within 24-48 business hours.


What happens if I am a backup applicant for a property?

If we are currently processing a primary application on a property and you submit an application for the same property, your application will be held as a back up application. Your application will not be run until the primary applicant is either denied or backs out.


Will my application fee be refunded if my application is not processed?

If there is already an application being processed for the property you choose, your application will be kept on file as a backup and will not be processed unless the first applicant does not work out. The application fee will be authorized on your credit card but will not be charged until we begin the screening process for your application. If your application is not processed the credit card authorizing will be removed and the charge will not go through.


How do I setup a showing?

Property showings will be available to sign up for on our Vacancy List.  Simply find the property you would like to view then click “Agent Showing”.


What if there are not any showings available?

There are two reasons why a showing may not be available: either repairs and cleaning are still being completed or we have an approved applicant and the property is most likely going to be rented to the applicant.

If you don’t not see any available showings listed on the website you may sign up for the wait list and you will be automatically notified when a showing is scheduled for the property.